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Facts & Myths around Testosterone therapy

Why knowing about Testosterone is important:

Testosterone is the most potent male hormone and is directly related to building and maintaining male characteristics and traits. It is the most influential hormone in masculine body, mentality, aging and overall performance.

Facts :
  • Men experience 1% drop of Testosterone per year after age 40. The drop of Testosterone could start at an earlier age depending on other factors such as stress or other medical, psychological conditions
  • Decline of Testosterone has a major role in the deterioration of men’s bodily functions as well as a major impact on masculinity and mental agility
  • Men’s short term memory declines with age and decreased levels of Testosterone are a major contributing factor to this decline
  • Higher Testosterone is associated with better cognitive function as men get older
  • There are two type of testosterone: One is total which is bound to protein and the other is free testosterone. Some studies suggest that Low Free Testosterone could be associated with developing Alzheimer’s dementia
  • Studies suggest 4-5 million men are deficient in Testosterone and only 5% are receiving the replacement
  • Testosterone is converted to estradiol (which is an estrogen) and its replacement could increase the risk for Prostate Cancer and could lead to enlarged breasts in males (gynecomastia)




Testosterone replacement therapy does not have any benefit and has only side effects.

Growing research suggests that Testosterone replacement therapy under direct supervision of leading medical experts can significantly improve the quality of life

There is no merit of testing Free and Total Testosterone.

By knowing Free & Total Testosterone we can personalize treatment based on needs and goals

Testosterone replacement therapy does not improve memory function in men.

Recent studies have shown that optimized level of Testosterone can significantly improve memory function

We cannot slow the aging process or have any control on graceful aging.

Aging is a process and directly related to our lifestyle ,resistive exercises , hormonal balance among other factors and can be delayed or be graceful under supervision of a medical expert and willing patients / clients

Testosterone can be only replaced through injections.

There are transdermal and mouth gel forms of Testosterone that can be very effective

How Geevida Health can help
  • By consulting Geevida Health experts you will be fully assessed and will know your baseline sexual health condition including evaluation for testosterone replacement treatment
  • Your overall goal and needs will be evaluated and treatment plan will be customized based on those needs
  • Supplements and other forms of treatments such as transdermal patches or mouth gels might be prescribed
  • You might be sent a home kit to check your testosterone and other hormones right at the comfort of your home
  • Your progress will be tracked and monitored overtime and the treatment will be adjusted based on that.
  • You will be fully engaged in all steps of your care
  • The consultation and treatment is discrete and private
  • The prescription will be send to the pharmacy of your choice
  • You will have 24/7 access to medical experts

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